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Monumental Audio is a top-tier music production library representing the original works of Composer, Michael Angel. You can listen to our growing catalog of music, purchase your license(s), and download tracks for immediate use all directly from the Monumental Audio website. This feature coming soon.

Michael Angel also produces his personal catalog of albums in addition to our production library.All of Michael's original albums can be licensed for use in film, advertising, soundtrack and broadcast as well, and all songs and albums may be purchased and downloaded for personal listening. This feature coming soon.

Monumental Audio Film Trailer Music

"Go Big, or Go Home"


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Monumental Audio Sample Libraries & Virtual Instruments

"ART" line of professional audio software with Nyrv Audio

My private line of CDS audio software

Monumental Audio Studio Recording Gear - Coming Soon!

In addition to our production library of music for motion picture advertising and synchronization to film, TV, Cable, Games, Monumental Audio is dedicated to providing the world's finest boutique audio recording hardware, our own unique line of sample libraries, virtual instruments and sound design elements for royalty free use in music composition, and our own line of audio recording software.

I'm pleased to share with you my years of composition and editing work in these sample packs and virtual instruments, along with my own line of audio software. I'm proud to be working with Nyrv Audio as Senior Sound Design for the ART line of audio software products. ART is my own unique proprietary process for recreating the most authentic analog signal path in digital form. It stands for Analog Rendering Technology. Use the above quick links to learn more


As Owner, Operator of my private studio facility, Angel Lofte, I enjoy occassionally taking on album mastering, mixing stems and editing projects as time allows.
Please feel free to get in touch and I'll get details from you and see if your project is a good fit.
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